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Well, it is absolutely obvious that in my personal experience essay you are supposed to dwell upon those life situations that have taught you something. That is clear from the title of the paper you will be dealing with.

Such paper has to be quite emotional and really personal as you will need to dwell upon your own life experience. In such cases it is better to come up with a few impressive stories that have changed your life. Tell about the event, the consequences and the conclusion to which you have come. In such a way you will sound persuasive. What is more, the paper will also be logically structured and organized. In addition to that, such stories will already be perfect examples to illustrate the idea you are trying to express. In such a way you won’t have to invent anything new. Just dwell upon your life and that’s it. Obviously, you shouldn’t forget about such aspects as spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you make mistakes of that kind, be sure that your mark may be lower as teachers pay special attention to those aspects. Another point to take into account is the ability to format your paper in accordance with all necessary requirements. For instance, if you are supposed to adhere to the rules of APA citation style, make sure that you have consulted the manual before starting to accomplish this task.

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It has never been easy to write an essay on corruption. The problem is that there are many kinds of corruption. Yet, you can’t dwell upon each of them in your essay. You are supposed to choose a few issues and present their detailed analysis in your paper. Paper writing requires the ability to search for a lot of information and single out only those aspects which you will definitely need. So, even a simple essay on corruption seems like a complicated task to accomplish.

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